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Naked Flame (2002)


I live in a stinky town
Where everything is upside down
Junk noise fuss speed
Pretty women down the street

I live in a stinky town
Crazy people are all around
It's a place to be
For the weirdoes like you and me

Heavy traffic in the streets
Crazy grown-ups loony kids
I inhale exhausts
And the people's dirty thoughts

Then May night comes in the light of moon
You taste the spirit of chestnut bloom
Drink it bottom up
It will blow your top

Stinky town stinky town
It's a kind of craze
Running all the ways of stinky town
Stinky town stinky town
What a lovely place
We're living in embrace of stinky town

I live in a stinky town
My mind cannot be a country-bound
I'm an urban kid
And I don't regret a bit

I live in a stinky town
Where crazy people are all around
It's a place to be
For those like you and me


Tonight I’m silently sitting home
There’s no one else inside
Nobody comes nobody phones
Despite late late night I can get no sleep
‘cause in the big big world I feel myself alone

Oh yeah tonight I’m alone
Yes tonight I’m alone

I am living in the big big town
My place is situated in the big block of flats
But actually in big town there’s not much love
And sometimes loneliness is
The only thing that one can get

And if you would go out
And look up from the street
You’ll see the lighted up window in the dark house
It’s me I’m smoking my last cigarette
Then taking my guitar and beginning to howl


There is something that lives in the house of mine
Giving warmth light and information
And whatever I do it’s always close behind
Helping out full of admiration

I got used so much to it’s presence that
If it disappears I’m in full dismay
Sometimes it seems I’m no master here
Seems it pulls the strings and I just obey

Electricity is all around me
I can feel its strange and dangerous smell
Electricity wants to capture me
And I want it to go back to hell

Getting sick getting weak blind bald deaf and dull
I’m addicted to live with the monster
It’s sucking life out me out of you all
Getting total control of all the world

When I strike my strings I imagine that
I am clutching the demon by the horns
But the truth is I’m only enjoying my dream
And how long will this dream go on


She said I love you and there’s something to do
To keep our love forever true
‘cause time is cruel and in the years ahead
It’s gonna wear off it’s gonna get dead

She said I’m happy as I ever could be
I want to stop the time for you and me
I want to save the highest point of our love
Let’s take a step off the highest building in town

They flew away
On the wings of love
They flew away
While useless flesh
Was falling to the ground

Tomorrow’s papers will be wondering why
Police report will fix a suicide
Some friends and relatives are going to cry
They were so young why did they choose to die

And they are watching from above holding hands
Surprised that no one really understands
They simply stopped the time and saved their love
They took a step off the highest building in town


Well you ain’t going anywhere
You've got to stay with me
No you ain’t going anywhere
You've got to stay with me
You only might be going somewhere
Over my dead body

So kill me kill me kill me
Take your gun and shoot me
Take the knife and stab me
Take the axe and chop my head off
Take the poison put it into my drink
And go anywhere over my dead body

Now I want you to leave me
But you stay with me
Yeah I want you to get off
But you stay with me
You say the only way you may go
Is over my dead body

So you ain’t going anywhere
Though I want you to
No you ain’t going anywhere
Though I told you to
You say the only way you may go
Is over my dead body


We’ve been out in the park
Walking down the lanes
All the benches were packed with lovers
Kissing like insane

Deep into the shadows of the trees
We took the path
And in the nearby bushes
We saw the bare ass

You know it’s spring in the town
And everyone is crazy
Spring in the park
Especially when it’s dark
Spring in the bushes
You get it right
There ain’t no fun in sitting home
So won’t you come outside tonight

The ass was moving back and forth
And so the case was clear
Who cares the park is big
It’s not the only place down here

My girl was a bit upset
We found our bushes occupied
But I kissed her tight and squeezed her tight
And we walked into the night

We went down a little further
All along the path
We looked around for a place to stop
And saw another ass

We’ve got that far we’ve got that deep
That the park became the woods
But we couldn’t find a place for love
The park was goddamn overcrowded


In the morning after shave
You tell yourself that you are brave
Through the day you feel the same
But as the night comes down again

You see the shadows in your bedroom
You hear the rustles in your bedroom
You gonna shiver all night long
Gonna quiver till the morning light
You cannot sleep at night
Frightened by the darkness

Someone’s prowling in the street
Someone’s scratching at your door
Someone’s whispering in your kitchen
You got scared just more and more


I just sleep most of the time
Day by day my time’s running by
All those things I’ve been planning to do

Body’s up but still I’m down deep
I can’t get away from my sleep
I am caught I cannot break through

I’m sleeping and it seems
There’s no waking up
I’m drowning in my dreams
Please take me out

Am I sick or is it a curse
It’s got bad it’s gonna get worse
Magic circle with no chance to break

What’s all this I can only guess
Years have passed like a midnight express
It’s too late now for getting away


I’m fed up with my TV set
I’m fed up with the internet
I’m fed up with the Hollywood shit
But still there’s something I wouldn’t quit

I can quit cleaning teeth
I can quit wiping ass
I can get bored of the life and the death
But I’ll sing this song here’s what it says

When I need a thrill
I won’t take no pill
And when I need a shock
I’m just gonna rock

And I won’t get tired
No I won’t get tired
Well I won’t get tired
No I won’t get tired
No I never never never
Never never get tired to rock

Give me bass slaps and guitar licks
Give me party with cats and chicks
Give me drum rolls give me some beer
Let me sweat all over here

Give me boogie and give me swing
Give me every rocking thing
Give me ska give me punk
Give me hardcore if you have some

Old-way rockabilly rocks me hard
Wild wild psychobilly wrecks my butt
Give it fast or give it slow
Something new or something old
Something new and something old


I’m sick of winter weather
It seems to last forever
The frosty wind is blowing
My nose is full of ice

I dream of seaside leisure
Of time that’s full of pleasure
Of psychobilly heaven
In sunny paradise

I’ve met some friends tonight
And talked to some through internet
They share the dream of mine
And everybody wants to get to
Psycholella Psycholella

It’s somewhere down in Spain
And it has a different name
There are only 14 days a year
When you can find it there

14 days of party
C’mon everybody
They say it’s just for fun
But it’s really more than I can bare

Night wrecking in the bars
With the psychobilly freaks
Eyeful of shooting stars
Yes, I wanna get my kicks in
Psycholella Psycholella


Is it snow or is it rain
Behind the glass
Got no worry feel no pain
Just tired I guess

In the middle of nowhere
By chance by luck
Sip of freshness breath of air
Look down for fate in your coffee cup

Just around the corner the road
Is calling for me to go
It’s the way of life and I don’t know
What I’ll find on the road

Just around the corner the road
Is calling for me to go
It’s the way of life and i don’t know
What I’ll find behind the door

Faces places drinks of beer
And sleepless nights
Winners losers dreams and fears
Dark spots bright lights

In the middle of somewhere
Next place to stop
Sip of freshness breath of air
Another tune in your coffee cup



Я летаю очень давно
Приземлюсь наверное не скоро
Отчего же тебе не дано
Посмотреть на этот город

Мы одни но где же любовь
Без неё на свете нету света
Полетай же вместе со мной
От заката до рассвета

С высоты птичьего полёта
Увидишь ты что лучше нет пилота
Ты меня узнаешь и оттаешь
А если не оттаешь
То просто полетаешь

А в полёте крылья растут
Страсть моя твою любовь разбудит
Полетай со мною пять минут
Ну а дальше будь что будет


Той п’є
Коли проблеми є
Той зубами гризе
Хтось тікає
Хтось під когось лягає
Кому щастить кому не везе

А я піду і куплю барабан
Кайфовий новий нікому не дам
Щодня у нього гамселити стану
Ось тепер всьо мені по барабану

Ти взяла
Розвернулась і пішла
Я лишаюсь сам
Ну то йди
Собі пригод знайди
А я куплю іщє один барабан

Два барабани – чудове життя
Забити можна на всіх і вся
А я ще більше собі їх дістану
Щоб уже напевно всьо було по барабану