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Psycholula (1996)

Evil people

When the night is coming down
Getting dark all over town
Everybody's gonna sleep
Not a soul upon the street
When the night is coming down
Evil people get to town.

People walk along the streets
Ugly mugs with bloody lips
Skinny hands with awful knives
Rotting teeth and spiteful eyes
Penetraiting through the windows
Percolating through the doorchinks.

Have you ever had a nightmare, man
That's what evil people do
Are you going into bad?
Don't forget they may come to you
Every evening I can see'em
Till they get to someone's dream
To the dream...

Gonna tell you where they dwell
Evil people come from hell
Souls of sinners who had died
Are going out every night
Have fun just tormenting you
Toss and turn you all night through.

Be afraid of being scared
Most of all they like your fear
They will eat it like a pie
And you’ll be growing terrified
And if you will to much dread
You may simply wake up mad
Wake up mad...The Nails.

Stop your crying I don't need you tears
I've been living for long years
Sick and tired of live that's why I'm dead
Wooden suit you've made for me
Suits me good and I'm peacefully
Lying here, so don't be so upset.

You may bury me today
You may put me to the grave
But don't hammer in the nails
To my coffin.

Nails are a very useful thing
Nail them just to everything
To everything but not to coffin of mine
Build a house or built a boat
Nail your boots 'cause they are old
Simply use your nails the way that's right.

Only thing that left to say
If you'll somehow see my face
Right behind your window late at night
Do not scream and don't be scared
There will be no harm in that
If I'll come to see you one moonlit night.


He was in the accident and he had just died
Doctors done impossible and brought him back to life
Made his heart to beat again made his lungs to breath
Now he looks like never have been in the arms of death.

Does anybody know what's on his mind right now
A man he was before must be lying six foot down
He saw the face of death that's what not often people see
Is he man or monster after NDE?!

He said he flew through tunnel towards divine bright light
He said he saw the angels but all that may be lie
You see the same old body you see the same old face
But has the same old soul come frome mysterious state of death.

Near death experience...
Is he the same man or zombie of death?

Zombie of the darkness, slave of evil force
Agent of the devil, demon in the corpse
Hope that I am wrong, but maybe I am right
And maybe maniac killer gonna visit you tonight.

Never Die

You see some people walking just walking on the street
You take your telephone and ring up to me
You take guitar, I take some beer
Rockin' music will never...
Never die!

You see some people on the street
You take your phone and ring to me
We drink some beer well it's all right
We meet some slobs and make a fight

There are always some crazy guys
So rockin' music will never...
Never die!

You've got no fucking money
You've got a bad headache
Turn on your record player
And dance without break.

Cheap Chick Baby.

I was looking in your eyes
I was believing all your lies
'Cause your words were mighty sweet
But now you found another guy
Whose income is too high
And whose purse is mighty thick

And I won't give a half a cent
To make your back come back again
'Cause you're a cheap chick baby

He will buy you chains and rings
He will buy you everything
That is sparkling and that is gold
He will buy you any dress
He will pay for all you ask
But I guess that stuff is not all

I could go and take a crack
And make a long long buck
But that's the thing I hate to do
'Cause I am wild and I am free
And baby if you're not with me
Then that's your trouble
Get alone with you!..

Elephants' Run.

I was sleeping in the jungle
And my dreams were really sweet
But they were broken by distant thunder
Try to go on but never succeed.
Sky with no cloud
But the sound was getting loud
Then I realized
And it made me paralysed.

Elephants' run no place to hide
Elephants' run good rocking tonight
Elephants' run it's really swell
Elephants' run runs like hell.

All that was leading a quiet life
Found itself in ruin and wreck
Jungle was shaken with elephants' drive
Elephants' move is a kind of earthquake
Crazy-crazy noise.
Crash and destroy
Running through your mind
No more sleep at night.

People are sleeping in big city jungle
People are sleeping in country side
But some teenage freaks gotta rockin' disease
Elephants' fever that they can't hide.
Bands with crazy sound
Are rockin' all around
Running through your mind
No more sleep at night.

I Wait.

The following story is the story of a kind
When the love is big mistake
But the feelings are too wild
Gonna tell you as it was, gonna be sincere
It was not with me but I feel it like my own
Try to imagine what it means to be alone
When the girl that you love, man, is near.

That guy tell me she loved him at first
But then he didn't know what had changed
And once he found she was not interested
In what he said and then he said to her

Girl, you're near
But I know you are not here
And your thoughts are flying somewhere
Bring your loving back someday
I wait!..

Girl found it was funny enough
Guy asked why do you laugh
Every time that I say I love you
Why, oh, why every time that I feel blue.

I never see that guy again
So I don't know what was then
But I suppose it was getting worse
'Cause the stories of that kind
Are the whole time misery
And I hope it'll never happen to me
And to you, of couse.

Rockin' Brain.

Don't know what's happened to my brain
The rockin' music drives me insane
Can't change my luck
I always want to rock.

From early morning through all the day
I'm surfing on my rockin' wave
I run amuck
Of those who don't want to rock.

Rock like a hurricane
Rock, rock, rock like a hurricane
There is something rockin' my brain.

Can get no sleep in the dead of night
Oh, wake up baby! The moon is shining brignt
It's two o'clock
Exactly time to rock.

Come to the funeral party, there's something wrong
The music is playing but everybody's stiff like a stone
C'mon, get up!
And join the deadly rock.

Oh, baby, baby, baby, baby leave my balls alone
Don't want to go to bed just want to go to big dance floor
Don't want to fuck
I just prefer to rock.


Now I see my body lying dead
With a trace of bullet throuth my head
No more bleeding, no more breath
Now my face is a mask of death
But I'm still near
Is it good or bad?

All I ever have done were mortal sins
Whisky, women, blood and all those things
Fiends from hell must come for me
But there's no one else around
I am left alone
What's wrong?

I'm dead but not gone...
I'm dead but not gone...
I'm dead but not gone...
I'm a ghost!!!

Nothing stops me I can walk where I like
I can go through walls and I can fly
No one sees me, no one hears
No one feels that I'm near
Now I'm gonna find
My killer.

Found that man but my revenge has failed
I can't even scratch him with my nail
I'm less dangerous than the air
I'm here but I'm just nowhere
To my killer I can do
No harm.

God or Satan you must let me out
I'm surrounded with indifferent crowd
It's a kind of prison cell
I am in my personal hell
My soul is lost in the world
Of alive.

Timid Guy.

Strolling down big city streets
In the broad day light
Dream to take a walk like this
With the girl I like
But girls are always passing by
Yeah, all them are passing by
And I cannot talk, I cannot joke
I cannot force a smile
'Cause I'm a timid guy...

Well, I'm no ugly, I'm no fool
But I believe I'm cursed
Don't know how to start with girls
And what to tell them first
If I could get the girl of mine
I would treat her right
I'd give all my love and tenderness
Every day and night
But I'm a timid guy...

And as the night is coming down
I leave my house again
Bursting with desire
Baby, you've got to understand
When I meet you in the dark street
And grab you in my arms
I only need somebody to love
So baby, don't cry loud, please, don't cry
I'm just a timid guy...

They say that I'm a maniac
They say that it's a crime
They say that I'm a monster
But I'm just a timid guy.

Mad Heads Boogie.

C'mon buddy take your head off now
C'mon little cutie jump all around
C'mon everybody go insane
I say, c'mon everybody we'll rock
your brain.

We gotta boogie
boogie, boogie, boogie, boogie, yeah!
We gotta boogie
boogie, boogie, boogie, boogie, yeah!
Well, it's a mad heads boogie, mad heads beat
You gonna dance till you burn your feet.

Now everyone gotta shake & shout
Now everyone gotta rock around
C'mon everybody go insane
I say, c'mon everybody we'll rock
your brain.

Take off your head we'll make it mad
And to be mad is not really bad
C'mon everybody go insane
I say, c'mon everybody we'll rock
your brain.Trough The Night.

Now the moonlight is twinkling
From the gun in my hand
If I get there by the midnight
I might have a chance
I am riding my horse
To the place that is cursed
Wicked witch stole my girl
So I'm setting the spurs.

Wolfs are howling somewhere near
Stars are shining in the sky
Wind is singing in my ears
And I make my horse to fly
I am riding through the darkness
To the most awful place
And I pray to get by midnight
God, don't let me be too late.

I'm riding through the night
I'm riding through the night
I'm riding through the night
Hope to see my girl alive.

Twanging, Beating & Shouts.

I cannot stay anymore hope you see it my love
Let the day be too long it is never enough
For me to be with you
For you to be with me
But now it's time...
You're my rockin' lady I'm rock'n'roll man
But the day has already come to its end
The day is over it's already in past
I know we'll always be the best
In twanging, beating & shouts...

Give me please one more kiss and I'll give you mine
Tell me please one more word and I'll tell you good night
For you it's time to sleep
For me it's time to go home
You will wake up next morning, you'll play in your band
Sing and play night and day again and again
We'll be the famous rock'n'roll stars
I love your hair and lips and eyes
And your twanging, beating & shouts...

Now I see yellow eyes of lonely night cars
I am putting myself to the midnight bus
Night city lights are passing by
Don't notice them I think of you...
When I'm closing my eyes see you sleeping tight
And I wish you sweet dreams till the end of the night
With guitars, jeans and motorbikes
Take to your dream no other guy
But me, twanging, beating & shouts...


Wallking late at night
Looking all around
You don't know what's wrong
You just hear strange sounds
You just feel that darkness
Is a bit more black
You just know you go
Scarcely you’ll be back

You still feel no fear
'Cause your soul is clear
But you have to pay parents' sin
Evil calls for you
You may hear it's howl and yell
welcome you baby to hell.

One step through the glass
Three along the wall
Now you're falling down
Now you're near the door
You're the little girl
You are sweet-sweet child
Won't you open that door
See their evil smiles.

Right behind that door
Bright light strikes your eye
Is it witching flame
Is it hellish fire
They will take your body
They will rape your mind
They will torment you
So it's time to cry.

You still feel no fear
'Cause your soul is clear
But you have to pay parents' sin
Evil calls for you
You may hear it's howl and cry
Welcome you baby to life.