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Mad In Ukraine (1998)


My bones are shaking, body’s quaking
What’s the hell with me
Well I’m possessed with strange disease
And it won’t set me free
I’ve got to rock and it’s the only
Way to feel all right
The moment I will stop to move
My butt I’ll simply die

So I am ready, ready for radioactive rock
Well I am ready, ready for radioactive rock
Yes I am ready, ready for radioactive rock
This song is so effective
Completely radioactive…rock!

At first I was so scared and then
I felt myself a clown
But then I found I’m not the only
Sick man in my town
I found more young cats under action
Of Chernobyl’s rays
We formed a crazy rocking rolling
Radioactive race

So we are ready, ready for radioactive rock…

We’ve got to rock we just can’t stop
Since 1986
Disease is spreading ‘round the Earth
The whole world soon will be sick
And now I’m knocking at your door
C’mon don’t be so slow
Don’t be too late I hate to wait
It’s really time to go

 So are you ready, ready for radioactive rock…


Well it’s one for the witchcraft, two for the night
I’m a creature of magic kind
You get mad when I cross your pass
I am scaring you to death
I’m scaring you to death

‘Cause I’m a black cat
Baby don’t move my way
Yes I’m a black cat
Baby you stay away
‘Cause I’m a black cat…

I gotta cold green fire inside my eyes
I look like demon in disguise
I gotta poisoned claws and poisoned teeth
Dogs are running away from me
Running away from me

I don’t need no pity that I am stray
No one’s compassion no place to stay
You just don’t know what I can do
Believe those tales they tell are true
Those tales are true


Waves of green everywhere
No ship for long long time
And Jolly Roger upstairs
Is tired of this dull sight
Once my hands were so sexy
But they satisfy me no more
Captain, we need a woman!
And if you have none in store

Give me a shark, give me a shark
Why don't you give me a shark
Give me a shark, give me a shark
You gotta give me a shark

Maybe they are far from perfection
And maybe you don't like their teeth
But sharks are the only girlfriends
Of lonely buccaneers
Sharks never nag you drink and swear
And they are always around
Sure you have heard of mermaids
They are fruits of pirate's love

Sail across the ocean
And bring me to the land
But sharks with all devotion
Will wait we come again


The sun is shining in the sky
A crowd of people gets inside
A little tram in a small quiet town
Flies are buzzing around
I’ve got a ticket for a ride
I also want to get inside
This tram is looking like usual machine
But I feel something about

Have you ever seen tram in lunacy
Hungry demon is going ahead
Have you ever seen tram in lunacy
Hundred people are gonna be, gonna be dead

The tram is going down the street
It’s running with a fast car speed
What’s going on, who is moving it on?
Please someone stop this run!
The tram is jumping through the air
And somersaulting downstairs
It’s time for bones to break
It’s time for flesh to tear
Smell of blood everywhere


Down little quiet street in old house
Was undertaker’s office and as we’re hanging around
We were peering through the windows, staring at wreaths
At white expensive coffins and cheap plain biers

Once on a summer night about quarter to ten
We heard a creak and in the doorway there was a man
He grinning said: “Good evening, boys! Why don’t you come in?
We gotta little party here, so won’t you begin to

Dance with the dead
Swing with the dead
Sway with the dead
At undertaker’s party

Rock with the dead
Roll with the dead
Jump till you dead
At undertaker’s party

We gotta run but our feet froze to the floor
He pulled us in and there was no way back anymore
We saw the corpses shuffling all over the hall
The music started and we’d got to have a ball

And we danced with the dead
Swung with the dead
Swayed with the dead
At undertaker’s party

Rocked with the dead
Rolled with the dead
Jumped till we dead
At undertaker’s party

The undertaker was a lonely man and that’s why
He made a company for him of dead zombiefied
We shared the community and it’s not a lick bad
So welcome to the party where you can with the dead


Well, it's a summer season, it's a holiday
You gonna lie on the beach and drink beer all day

And in the evening time as the heat abates
You go to little place where they know how to shake

Now as your hormones run amuck
There ain't no cure for the summertime rock

The sun is shining in the sky, it hits you straight to the head
Your blood is starting running wild, as wild as you can ever get

It's hot, hot, hot, man, it's really hot
You're nut, nut, nut, man, you're really nut


If you hear that engine in the night
You should run away and try to hide

Starbiker’s on the road
Starbiker’s on the road
He’ll smash your flesh
And get your soul

His legs are rubber, his body’s steel
His wheels are always got to reel

He came to Earth from outer space
His brain possessed with cosmic craze

Somewhere in depth of Universe
For something we don’t know
Starbiker’s badly cursed
That’s why he never ever stops
And he’s so tired
He’s glad to die
But he’s got to ride!


You better treat me wrong
You better be the one
That I hate, that I’m angry with
You better treat me mean
You better show your sting
Better hurt, better vex, better tease

But you never act this way
You don’t give me a cause to go
But it’s so hard to stay

Treat me bad and treat me cruel
Let me be a victim
Let me feel like a fool
Treat me bad and don’t be nice
I beg you baby give me chance
To break these ties

It’s been a long long time
Together are you and I
This is love…is it love…what is love?
What I felt and what I feel
Was it real and is it real
I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know

I look inside my heart
And I cannot leave
But going on is also hard


Well, it happens to me
When I see that baby
I got thought in my mind
Come and be mine

I don’t ask your name
I don’t play your game
But you’re sure look so fine
So come and be mine

Fire’s burning hurting me inside
Naughty feeling I just can’t hide

I don’t need your love
I just want you NOW
My lust is so wild
Baby come and be mine

It’s not for lifetime
It’s just for a while
It’s just for one night
But come and be mine

With this pain in my balls
I just lose control
Yeah, I'm losing my mind
Come and be mine

Now I’m so surprised
And I don’t recognize
All the things that I’ve done
There sure was no fun

But it happens again
I see her and then
I got shivers inside
Come and be mine


You drive me crazy baby
I like so much your game girl
I’m the one who takes it
Take you as you are

Let’s begin our corrida
And I’ll kill you with my sting
I am brave like matador
And mad like a bull on the ring

I am under and I am on
I am down and I’m up
There’s no rest for a single minute
Not a little stop

We are victims and we are killers
We are hunters and we are game
We are saints and we are sinners
We are both insane

Make it in the morning
Make it in daylight
Make it all through the nighttime
Make it till we die


Come with me, I’ll show you the place
Deep in Chernobyl woods in night’s embrace
Take off your problems like dirty clothes
And listen to the music that moon echoes

Don’t you just stand there
What are you waiting for
So young, so wild
You gotta dig the style
Take what we’re giving
What are you living for
Relax a bit
You gotta dance to chernobilly beat

It’s a kind of voodoo, very special dance
After half an hour you’ll be in the trance
Rocking with mutants around the fire
You need no drug to get really high

Radioactive creatures are stomping around
Radioactive rock on the radioactive ground
Now you are one of us we’ve cast the spell
And next time you’ll come with somebody else


Hey you monster movie fans
Don’t waste time you gotta chance
Buy a one way ticket to Ukraine
See the show of your dreams
Hear the perfect blend of screams
Watch the people dying night and day

A lot of crimes, a lot of crying in the show
You sure will find yourself
Standing struck with awe

It’s thrilling, It’s killing, It’s brilliant
Monsters are go go go
Believe me this is real ball
It’s Ukrainian horror show

Crowds of zombies on the street
Cannibals in lust for meat
Eating silly zombies one by one
There are vampires on the hill
They’re longing for some blood from me
And there is really no place to run

Performance proved to be a cruelty
And I’ve been told this movie is reality